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Senshi of the Sky: Haruka Tenou by Animeluverx12 Senshi of the Sky: Haruka Tenou :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 1 3
What Hurts the Most
As Makoto heard yet another rain storm begin outside, her eyes opened. She was currently all alone in the outer’s mansion. Feeling her tears well up again, she got up, letting them flow before wiping them away. She got up and put her hands in her pockets. She headed to the front door, deciding to stop by the apartment for another pair of clothing. She slipped on her sneakers and headed out, not bothering to grab an umbrella.
As she walked down the street, people gave her strange looks. She was walking in the rain with nothing but a light coat, which didn’t shield her from the heavy downpour. As she walked, she felt alone. More alone than she had been in the past when everyone avoided her due to her strength and intimidating demeanor. No, this was much worse than back then. She had lost her best friend, all because she couldn’t get over that Ami knew she had a secret. And because she blabbed, she had pushed her away. Makoto was rather glad that it was raining. She coul
:iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 1 0
The Girl Who Would be Forever Broken Hearted
Only two days had passed since Makoto had confessed her love for Ami. As things stood right now, it was the biggest mistake of her life. She hadn’t seen her roommate since that disastrous night. While glad, she was worried, as well as missing the blunette greatly. She wondered if she was eating properly, and taking care of herself. Without being there, there was no way she could make sure Ami was eating properly. And after this mess she had caused, she felt that she didn’t have the right to worry about her.
A sigh escaped her lips as she stopped walking along the sidewalks of Juban. Turning her head, she found that she was in front of the arcade windows. As she gazed inside, she could see Motoki inside and she remembered how she felt about him all those years ago. While she had grown and moved on, some feelings for the older man remained. She bit her lower lip, watching him move about the game center with such ease. He was tall and moved with such grace. She figured, just l
:iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 0 0
Makoto sat on the bed in the guest room of the outer senshi’s home. Earlier that night, Ami had asked if she had a secret. Unable to hide it anymore, she had confessed to her. She had confessed her love and ended up getting turned down. As she had heard Ami tell her she wasn’t ready for commitment, the girl’s heart had completely cracked down the middle. She had left the apartment, not wanting to return any time soon. She knew that Ami was going to reject her, yet it still hurt. Pulling her knees close to her chest, the brunette rested her forehead on her knees, closing her eyes and thinking. Why was she so terrible at keeping secrets when questioned? She sighed heavily. All these years she had kept it, hidden from Ami. And now…all because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut after being questioned, their friendship was ruined. She wanted to keep their friendship. That’s why she hid it. She didn’t want to lose someone else out of her life. Especia
:iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 1 1
Gone from the World
It was a quiet and peaceful day in Juban. The sun was high in the sky and it was warm. Makoto Kino, age 19, was cleaning the apartment she lived in with her best friend, Ami Mizuno. Having the day off from work, Makoto decided that today was a great day to clean. The windows were open, letting all the stagnant air that had built up over the winter be released, the brunette took a deep breath of fresh air as a light breeze blew through the apartment. She had just finished mopping the kitchen floors, leaving everything spotless. Smiling as she set the mop back down in the bucket, she poured herself a cup of coffee before heading into the living room. Sitting down on the couch, she turned on the television, deciding that it was time to take a break. She didn’t want to sit in silence though. With Ami out of the apartment, the girl was alone. Flipping through the channels as she sat with her feet up on the coffee table, she stopped when she hit the afternoon news program. She never wa
:iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 0 4
Chibis together - Art Trade by Animeluverx12 Chibis together - Art Trade :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 1 29 The Prince and His Servant by Animeluverx12 The Prince and His Servant :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 3 2 Flowers for your Special Day - Gruvia by Animeluverx12 Flowers for your Special Day - Gruvia :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 7 3 NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH! by Animeluverx12
Mature content
NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH! :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 0 4
Fairy Tail - X791 by Animeluverx12 Fairy Tail - X791 :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 2 12 Erza Scarlet Cosplay by Animeluverx12 Erza Scarlet Cosplay :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 2 6 Pandas don't dance! by Animeluverx12 Pandas don't dance! :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 4 8
Angels vs Demons (AU Erza x Mira) Chapter 1
Mirajane felt the grass tickle her bare feet as she gently touched down in the field. She smiled at the scene. It was a beautiful sunny day, partly cloudy. It smelled like rain, but nothing was wet, so that meant it would be raining soon. She took a deep breath and went to move on, but a letter suddenly appeared in front of her. She blinked and took hold of it, recognizing the script letters on the front. It was from God.
"Dear Mirajane. I thought about it and you have been working hard lately. Don't continue on with the scouting mission. I will have someone else do it. You take a nice long vacation. Be sure to hide your wings around the humans and to stay on guard. You never know when a demon will appear." Mirajane sighed slightly. He always did this to her. She would be sent on a mission, most generally scouting, and then tell her to take a break and enjoy some time on earth. She shrugged slightly and stretched out her wings. The clearing was empty, aside from wild animals. Sh
:iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 17 10
Please Remember Me - Chapter 1
Erza Scarlet walked into the patient's room, holding a story book. She puts on a fake smile as she approached the person in the bed.
"Hello, Jellal." She greeted the sleeping figure of Jellal Fernandes, knowing that she would not be receiving a response. It had been like this for a while now and she was used to it.
It had been three years since the accident. Three years and still nothing has changed. But she wouldn't give up. She knew that he was still in there. She just had to have patience. Erza was exhausted, as she had worked a double shift that day and was supposed to be home by now, but she still made time to care for him. She never let anyone else do it. She half way felt responsible for what had occurred. After all, if he had not pushed her out of the way that day, she would probably be in his place. The car had aimed for her. She should have been in that hospital bed, not him.
She shook her head clear of the thought. 'No use beating yourself up over what happened in the pas
:iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 23 12
I See the Light - Freed x Mira by Animeluverx12 I See the Light - Freed x Mira :iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 15 9
Angels vs Demons (AU Erza x Mira)
Far beyond the reach of humans, two realms existed which were beyond the imagination of any man. They were the realms of Angels and Demons. Most humans believed that angels were small, little beings who go flying about to assist people. But they were very wrong. Angels were fierce beings, the warriors of God. They were powerful fighters, capable of great things.
Then there were the demons. When people thought of these beings, they would link of evil creatures that only existed for evil purposes. But just as the humans were wrong about the angels, they were also wrong about the demons. They were a bit reckless and had a tendency to take things to extreme lengths, but they were not evil. The demons had their choices: They could either follow the humans' belief and cause harm to those of earth; or they could choose to remain in the demon realm and live a normal life, one without any need of bloodshed.
Princess Erza Scarlet, heiress to the throne of Hell, strolled into the hall of the pala
:iconanimeluverx12:Animeluverx12 9 6

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Tomorrow, im going to post all of the drabbles I've done on my Makoto Kino roleplay blog. They give people feels!! To those of you who don't remember, Makoto Kino is Sailor Jupiter!
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